opening update & ticket info

Previews start Tuesday August 4th with an opening night of August 7th. We’re getting closer to opening everyday now and its been getting more and more surreal. My partner in crime Rich Binning and I have been working hard on mastering all 40 tricks. Total i think we could do up to 50 now…sick. Simon and Justin have decided to let Rich and I open and carry the whole run of the show. Both Rich and I couldn’t be more excited to experience an opening night in New York City. Thank Guys. We won’t let you down.

Also!!! Talked to the producers a few days ago and ticket sales are looking great. Not to get our hopes up early but the show might get a 2-3 week extension with possible longer, depending on sales. I’ll keep my hopes up.

I’ll post the tour locations down below. We don’t know much about it, but rumor has it they are looking into adding a Pittsburgh performance. Hello Point Park?

  • Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Regina, Los Angeles
  • Edmonton, London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Boston, Philadelphia
  • Thunder Bay, Toronto, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Sacramento

n170500460_30109112_8023Rich found this picture of us on Facebook. It was my freshman year in college and Rich was a sophomore. I had just taught Rich how to do a hamburger, and he felt it was important to show everyone at Candi Boyd’s parent’s house. To tell you the truth i had completely forgot this event had even happened. If only we had know that 4 years later we would be getting paid to do this, and in New York. Weird World.

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